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Lake Picachos is SUPER HOT!!!!!!!

How do I say enough about this lake.  The lake is CRAZY with fishing action even in July.   End of June the action slowed for about two weeks, but the lake has filled with mountain rains,and the fishing is going crazy.  We are  open all year because the action is so strong.  I am putting a group together in August, prefer to fish before the full moon.  The size of fish and the numbers are getting greater .  Up until now I have been telling customers that this is a numbers lake, but the bigger fish are coming on fast.   I believe the big fish are here, because we are catching them right now.   Bass between 7 to 9 plus pounds are getting really common.  I was reminded this week that not every fisherman has had a morning like my wife and I did with six bass over 12lbs on Lake El Salto a couple years ago.  The lake record for Picachos is 12.5 lbs, that won’t last long.   This fall season we will offer combo trips between the two lakes on four day trips.   Go Fish, Drew Daniel   [email protected]

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