Lake picachos Mx latest report

The lake  has risen over a foot in the last day.  We had a large rain storm in the mountains and the water will be entering the lake for days to come.  New water a lot of added oxygen to the lake has the fish going crazy.   Fish are in about twenty to twenty five feet of water off of ledges and creek channels. The fisherman catching big fish are hitting these areas twice a day.  Sometimes the bass are there in the morning and it seems if the wind picks up in the afternoon, boom they are there. These big bass are staging in forty plus feet of water land moving up. Throw a big plastic worm,hit the trees in twenty feet of water and hang on.   DD 22 crank baits are my favorite to throw with a little wind.   Remember the $5,000.00 big bass contest for Mexico.  When you call remember Drew Daniel Adventures.   Go Fish, Drew Daniel