Great Reports on Numbers at El Salto

Update via Ron Speed Jr.

Lake El Salto…great reports on numbers thus far!!!

Terry Oldham with 2 lb bass on Lake El Salto

Terry Oldham with 2 lb bass on Lake El Salto

While we haven’t hosted very many groups at El Salto this month, the ones that have fished returned EXTREMELY happy! The numbers are way up this season from previous years. Most of our fishermen in December have been averaging 60 or more bass per day/per boat, with many landing 75 – 100 per day. Some have landed well over 100 bass per boat! There have been a few bigger bass in the 9 and 10 pound range landed thus far. However, the bigger fish have been a little deeper than normal due to the hurricane that came across El Salto and Comedero (more on Comedero below) at the end of November…which dumped a lot of hot water in the lake and on the water’s surface. This caused the bigger bass to head back to deep water until the nights begin to get cold like they normally do in mid to late December. That’s when the water temperature in the shallows will cool down and bring those big bass back shallow. That should be happening right now…but our next group will not be at El Salto until the first week of January. I’ll have an update in early January.