Get ready for a great season at Lake El Salto

Via Ron Speed Jr.:

Last season was probably the best we’ve seen the fishing at El Salto in almost 15 years. Some of our clients who have fished the lake every year since it opened in 1990, believe it was THE BEST season ever! Well, the bottom line is that it was absolutely fantastic! The size of the bass landed was incredible and the numbers were above average for most of the season. There are two reasons I believe that we can attribute to the great fishing of last season. One, the lake caught full from last summer’s monsoon rains. Second, the water hyacinth plants (similar to Lily Pads) that were mostly confined to the river the previous year (2013), dnotrifted out of the river and across the main lake due to the monsoon rains and river flowing rapidly. These hyacinths reproduced like crazy and the entire cove where our camp is located and out to the main lake was a solid infestation of hyacinths. You literally could not see the water. These hyacinths stayed there for almost 4 full months until the efforts began in late September to remove them. No, not all were removed but a huge amount were taken out and leaving just scattered isolated patches of them in the lake. Bass love to set up shop around hyacinths…or any aquatic vegetation for that matter. The water hyacinths provide solid cover as well as attract numerous types of bait fish, insects and frogs. Bass love to eat them all. Thus the reason I believe you saw an abundance of bigger fish caught last year and particularly close to our camp. Many clients told me they caught ALL of their biggest fish within eyesight of our camp! Many of these huge bass were caught on TOPWATER lures! Well, guess what? As already stated, the rains have filled all three of the lakes to include El Salto. They hyacinths are back in full force this summer and the locals are busy removing them. Hopefully we’ll experience another big year on the fishing! I’m very confident we will do just THAT!

One of our spacious El Salto houses

We have upgraded our boats at El Salto in that all of our 18′ Xpress boats have been repainted, rewired, upholstery work and trolling motors repaired or replaced with new ones. These boats are FIRST CLASS! We’re also rebuilding the roof on the restaurant and it should be completed any day now. Come experience this beautiful lakeside camp and the wonderful fishing and service we provide. Maybe combine a couple days at El Salto with Picachos? Or Comedero? Which leads me to our next lake….