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Drew’s Bulletin: Sept. 1, 2017

This time of year, the weather is hot at our home on Lake Picachos, with a heat index of 118 most days. That is why we are near the Great Lakes in Michigan, and the fishing has only been so-so (unlike the Mexico bass fishing!).

Wendy Brackney Daniel Foundation

Our home on Lake Picachos in Mexico. Just a little hot this time of year!

It is so neat to hear from our customers regarding their trust in Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures — the most-trusted and best-known international outfitter in the world.

Last night I got a call from one of our fishermen. He was eager to tell me that the old group was back together to come and fish with RSJA. A small portion of the 14-member group fished with us last year twice, and had a super experience. This group has not been to Mexico together in over 12 years. Now they are coming back and are excited.

The reasons given for the group getting back together in Mexico:

  • Great service
  • Safe and friendly lodges
  • Over-the-top knowledge and service from guides
  • Great food and beverages
  • The biggest reason is that they were never mislead about anything regarding the trip

For these and other reasons, the lodges are filling up fast. Don’t wait to make reservations!