Drew’s Bulletin: August 11, 2017

Rain has arrived at all lakes, and they are filling fast. Net fishing has started a month early on Lake Picachos.

Safe bass fishing on Lake Picachos in Mexico

From Ron Speed’s Fishing blog: “President of Strike King Lure Co. John Barns and legendary pro angler Denny Brauer with John’s giant Picachos bass!”

Lake Picachos is a new lake known for numbers, but the bass are growing fast. The dam was finished in 2009, and the lake has been managed very well as a catch and release 23,000 acre body of water. You have the Presidio River feeding the lake starting high in the mountains.

The number of 2-5 pound bass being caught is crazy. I feel the lake record of 12 pounds will be broken by a 14 pound fish this season.

It is a lodge on the water and only 30 miles NE of Mazatlan. I am asked is it SAFE to travel to Picachos? YES IT IS. I live in the village and my wife and I are at the lodge just about every day.
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Lake Picachos bass fishing in Mexico