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Drew’s Bulletin: Sept. 1, 2017

This time of year, the weather is hot at our home on Lake Picachos, with a heat index of 118 most days. That is why we are near the Great Lakes in Michigan, and the fishing has only been so-so (unlike the Mexico bass fishing!).

Wendy Brackney Daniel Foundation

Our home on Lake Picachos in Mexico. Just a little hot this time of year!

It is so neat to hear from our customers regarding their trust in Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures — the most-trusted and best-known international outfitter in the world.

Last night I got a call from one of our fishermen. He was eager to tell me that the old group was back together to come and fish with RSJA. A small portion of the 14-member group fished with us last year twice, … Read the rest

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Wendy Brackney Daniel Foundation

Consider This Opportunity!

My friends Johnny and Charlotte Ramsey are hoping to sell their wonderful business, White River Campground and Cabins.  This place is nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains on the shores of the White River in Cotter, Arkansas. Cotter is known as the trout capital of the world! Johnny and Charlotte have maintained the campground’s rich history and now I’d love to see it continue to thrive in the hands of someone who

  • loves people and understands hospitality
  • loves fishing and wants to pass this love on to others
  • has a strong work ethic

Let me stir your interest with a few of my favorite photos from their website.

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Interested? You’ll find Johnny and Charlotte’s contact information on their website.… Read the rest


Drew’s Bulletin: August 12, 2018


Best bass fishing lake for size and numbersClub El Salto, owned and operated by Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures is the number one lakeside destination for American who expect the best.

This 27,000 acre lake is located in the Sierra Madrid mountain and fed by the Rio Elota River. Just at 1 hour and 15 minutes drive on a 4 lane highway from Mazatlan airport, it is one of 2 destinations for huge bass. This lake is full of Tilapia, and very well managed with Florida-strain bass being stocked since 1985. By the way, the lake record is 18 lbs 6 ozs.

RSJ Adventures is the go-to outfitter on this lake, that may be why we have clients that fish it four times a … Read the rest


Drew’s Bulletin: August 11, 2017

Rain has arrived at all lakes, and they are filling fast. Net fishing has started a month early on Lake Picachos.

Safe bass fishing on Lake Picachos in Mexico

From Ron Speed’s Fishing blog: “President of Strike King Lure Co. John Barns and legendary pro angler Denny Brauer with John’s giant Picachos bass!”

Lake Picachos is a new lake known for numbers, but the bass are growing fast. The dam was finished in 2009, and the lake has been managed very well as a catch and release 23,000 acre body of water. You have the Presidio River feeding the lake starting high in the mountains.

The number of 2-5 pound bass being caught is crazy. I feel the lake record of 12 pounds will be broken by a 14 pound fish this season.

It is a lodge on … Read the rest

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Fox News is promoting Mexico as a vacation destination

It is early on Sunday morning, and Fox News just had a story recommending Mexico as a great vacation spot.  We feel very safe living and fishing in Mexico.

We know the very best international outfitter, Ron Speeds Jr Adventures.  We have fished with Rons family for years, and they a are the only outfitter we will travel with.

Ron Jr is hands on and visiting his lodges throughout the season. It is service that is the best in the fishing world.   Best food,guides,and transportation that we have ever experienced.

Fishing is great on all three lakes in Mexico.   Lake Picachos is a numbers lake, with some big bass being caught. Big fish and numbers are coming from Lake Comldero and Lake Elsalto.

Call Ron Speeds Jr Adventures to visit … Read the rest

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Personal escort for groups to Mexico & Brazil

You can tell the weather is cold and a mess with the phone calls this afternoon.

Just had a call and the fisherman is putting a group of men together to come fish Mexico for the first time.  He wanted to know if there was someone that would help them get to them lodge.

Ron Speeds Adventures has tour guides waiting for you at the airport passenger entrance, the drivers are associated with RSJA, and speak great English.  They load your gear, get you in van with a cold drink and you go to the chosen lake.

Brazil peacock bass fishing is a trip of a lifetime. If you are wanting a person that has traveled to Brazil a lot with RSJA  to go with you as tour guide, call … Read the rest

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Mexico weather is WARM!!!

The wether is great and lake levels are producing record number of bass on all three lakes.  Big moon,warm sunny days with a light breeze in the afternoon, the fish are crazy.  Our fisherman are having such GREAT trips that are booking more trips the day they get home.

I hope you will catch the excitement.

Ron Speeds Jr Adventures.   (903) 489-1656

Drew Daniel.  (479) 936-1234… Read the rest

Fisherman returning to Mexico

I got a call from a new Ron Speeds Jr Adventures customer yesterday, and was he excited about a recent trip with RSJA.   This customer had a group of fisherman with him that had fished Mexico for years, and made multiple trips each year to Mexico. They had quit coming to Mexico because they were concerned about safety issues.  This is a group of seasoned travelers,and were they IMPRESSED with what was offered to them in Mexico.  They were greeted at the airport with a English speaking van driver that is associated with RSJA.  A safe trip to the lake, luggage was unloaded by the fishing lodges people that work for RSJA, and lunch was served within 30 minutes.

All they could say was that they were treated with a … Read the rest

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Family fishing Lake Picachos Mexico

Ron Speed Jr Adventures has the biggest, nicest lodge on the lake.  The guides are the most experienced, best boats, and super food. This is why your high profile Mexican bass fisherman stay and fish out of this lodge.

This is a lake of big numbers and the possibility of a double digit fish.  My wife had 50 plus bass in less than four hours last week.

Is it safe for your wife,girl friend, daughter ?   We live in the village that is above the lodge, and we are very safe.  My wife walks or rides the four wheeler every where.  There is only 80 people in this new village of five years old.  The old village is in the middle of the lake.

This lake will not always be … Read the rest

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Mexico bass fishing

We are seeing great fishing at all three lakes with Ron Speed Jr adventures.  The fishing is over the top right now and the weather looks great for catching Mexico bass.

It is safe and the customers are bragging on their trips.  We talk to customers daily, and when so many get back they booking to go back in a month or even shorter time.


Drew Daniel



 … Read the rest

Fish Mexico bass lakes with the best international outfitter

RON SPEED’S Adventures is the most professional and experienced outfitter in Mexico and Brazil.

Fish with the best, he is visiting his lodges in Mexico a whole lot to make sure that the guest is taken care of and all equipment is in top shape.

Fish with the best , we only fish with RSA and have for so many years.

Ron Speeds Adventures (903) 489-1656

[email protected]   (479) 936-1234

 … Read the rest


Lake Picachos Mexico is too good to be true

My wife and I know Picachos Lake very well, we are Americans that live in the village . We know Ron Speeds Adventures and they are our only outfitter that we choose  to fish with around the world.

This lake is over the top for numbers of fish caught.  150 to 200 bass a day is the normal numbers. This lake has big fish but it is a numbers lake.  The guides are very good and work hard for you, the food is great, and it is a beautiful lodge

I get asked a lot, is it safe.  I have been fishing Mexico since the 70’s and I have been there years ago when it wasn’t safe, we love to live there because it is safe and our neighbors are … Read the rest

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Mexico Bass Fishing is ON Fire with Ron Speeds Adventures

My wife and I were in Mexico for over thirty days with Ron Speed Adventures.   Out of the ball park on all three lakes.  Big BASS and the numbers unheard of.   Let’s go fishing, call Ron Speeds Adventures.  903-489-1656.   Drew and Wendy Daniel… Read the rest


Big Bass Numbers on Lake Picachos


Provided by Jon Speed Jr.


Guide Niko holding Ron Jrs 10lb Picachos giant!!!

I have mentioned many times in previous updates over the past year that the best months to catch big bass to go along with all those numbers on Picachos, is March, April, May and June. It certainly appears as though this year will be no different. Just recently we had a group of anglers/customer experience some pretty good big bass numbers at Picachos while maintaining the normal 100 – 200 bass per day, per boat average.

March 22nd
, the following catches were reported…

  • Paul Molnar & Dennis Meschke: 186 bass total. Bigger bass included…9 lbs, 8.8 lbs, 8.6 lbs, 8 lbs, and 6 lbs. Also had 12 more bass in 5
Read the rest

Lake Comedero is ready for big numbers of bass

Lake Comedero…big bass ready to explode!

Comedero guide with 1 of Terry Oldham’s 10 lb Hawgs

Comedero guide with 1 of Terry Oldham’s 10 lb Hawgs

Well, there’s really not much to report thus far as we’ve only had a couple of small groups fish the lake. However, prior to the first small group arriving on November 30th, I sent Terry Oldham and Steve “Big O” Parks down three days early to locate the big bass. Their first two days (Nov 28th/29th) was unbelievable! Terry called and said it was pouring down rain. I told him, “that’s because you have a hurricane (tropical storm by the time it arrived at Comedero) going right over the top of you right now! It didn’t stop Terry and Big O from fishing. Terry informed me that it was going to be easy for … Read the rest


Great Reports on Numbers at El Salto

Update via Ron Speed Jr.

Lake El Salto…great reports on numbers thus far!!!

Terry Oldham with 2 lb bass on Lake El Salto

Terry Oldham with 2 lb bass on Lake El Salto

While we haven’t hosted very many groups at El Salto this month, the ones that have fished returned EXTREMELY happy! The numbers are way up this season from previous years. Most of our fishermen in December have been averaging 60 or more bass per day/per boat, with many landing 75 – 100 per day. Some have landed well over 100 bass per boat! There have been a few bigger bass in the 9 and 10 pound range landed thus far. However, the bigger fish have been a little deeper than normal due to the hurricane that came across El Salto and Comedero (more on Comedero below) at … Read the rest

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Reduced costs for kids under 18!


Via Ron Speed Jr.:

When I was a kid growing up, I was blessed to have a father that introduced me to fishing at an early age. My father started out coaching high school football in the 60’s…but he also guided on local lakes on the weekends and during the summer months when he wasn’t teaching/coaching. He always applied for open coaching jobs at schools that had a great bass lake nearby and especially if there was a new bass lake opening on the horizon. In 1970, he applied for the open head coaching position at Hemphill H.S. …because Toledo Bend Reservoir had just opened. My dad began guiding out of Six Mile Marina and I was able to experience the best bass fishing … Read the rest


Lake Picachos Continues To Amaze!

Update via Ron Speed Jr.

Lake Picachos… ON FIRE!!!

Picachos-Drew-Daniel-3This lake continues to amaze! In one of my recent updates prior to the fishing season beginning, I mentioned that I expect the size of the bass to improve with another year’s growth…and with the early reports coming in, that definitely appears to be the case.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from J. W. Peterson who was at Picachos with a big group. J.W. called from his cell phone from the lodge (yes, we have cellular service at our lodge) during lunch to let me know how great the fishing was but particularly the size of the bass! That particular morning, J. W. and his fishing partner had landed 210 bass…THAT MORNING! J.W. informed me that only … Read the rest



Fishing for the mighty peacock bass in the jungle rivers of the Amazon could be the best ever for reasons extending beyond the potential for hooking up with giant peacocks.

With good water levels and the fishing season already underway in the Uatama and Jatapu rivers, the first group on the water was enjoying plenty of action.

After two days of fishing at the first of October, the group had already caught 144 peacocks, including two 15-pounders and one 21 pounder as they began to zero in on the hot spots.

Besides the ongoing action, the first group and those to come will be better equipped in bass boats powered by brand new Yamaha four-stroke outboard engines along with new trolling motors.… Read the rest



guided fishing trips in Mexico and South America

What’s the “catch” about fishing Picachos?

It’s more than just about the catch-rate numbers, as superlative as they may be.

Nowhere else could an angler like Bob McPeak of Illinois catch and release 293 bass in a single day and still call the hype about the new lake “understated.”

In the course of tussles with bass averaging two to four pounds and some bumping six pounds, McPeak made sure to note the bass in the peak of health were especially “mean” in fighting ferocity.


He also noted his actual catches didn’t take into account how often his hits and misses enhanced the degree of fast and furious action.

While McPeak may have set a mark for individual excellence, other anglers fishing as paired teams also topped the 300-per-day pinnacle, according

Read the rest

Lake Comedero will be open for fishing this season!

Via Ron Speed Jr.:

Yes…the beautiful and famous Lake Comedero! In the event you missed our April update, we are reopening fabulous Lake Comedero in December! We believe Comedero to still be the best trophy bass lake in the world today! We had not fished Comedero for the past 6 1/2 years…well, not until conducting “checkout” trips there in November 13′, January 15′ and March 15’….all three checkout trips were OUTSTANDING! Lots of big bass and monsters lost as well! We determined after the two checkout trips earlier this year, that the lake was ready to be fished again! Remember, this is for the trophy bass enthusiasts ONLY! Although we did have some very good numbers during most days of our checkout trips, I still believe the main reason one … Read the rest


Get ready for a great season at Lake El Salto

Via Ron Speed Jr.:

Last season was probably the best we’ve seen the fishing at El Salto in almost 15 years. Some of our clients who have fished the lake every year since it opened in 1990, believe it was THE BEST season ever! Well, the bottom line is that it was absolutely fantastic! The size of the bass landed was incredible and the numbers were above average for most of the season. There are two reasons I believe that we can attribute to the great fishing of last season. One, the lake caught full from last summer’s monsoon rains. Second, the water hyacinth plants (similar to Lily Pads) that were mostly confined to the river the previous year (2013), dnotrifted out of the river and across the main lake … Read the rest


Lake Picachos is looking great for 2015 – 2016 season

Via Ron Speed Jr.:

Last year we were the first to announce and open our beautiful new lodge and operate on the lake.

Beautiful Picachos Bass Lodge

Many of our valuable clients were able to experience the insane numbers of bass with many boats averaging 150 – 200 bass per day! The best catch was 356 bass in one day by two anglers (same boat). We did have many other boats land up to 300+ in a day as well. Also, we had one client break the lake record when Scott Moody landed his giant of 12 lbs, 14 oz! That bass was 90% spawned out and still barely missed weighing 13 lbs!

It was a strange year in terms of weather as we saw constant rain from January until late March (normally it’s … Read the rest

Monsoon Season is Over – Three Lakes In Mexico Will Be Open

Weighing Bass at Lake Picachos

Weighing Bass at Lake Picachos

Via Ron Speed Junior:

The start of our Mexico bass fishing season is about to get underway! I haven’t been this excited in a long, long time. For the first time in many years, we will have three lakes operating at the same time…and not just three any ol’ lakes, no…but what we believe to be the THREE BEST BASS LAKES in Mexico! All three lakes (Comedero, El Salto and Picachos) caught full of water from the summer monsoon rains! That generally spells GREAT FISHING for the upcoming season! Also, this allows our clients to experience more than just one lake…maybe two….maybe all three? We offer various combo packages that is certain to fit your fishing desires. Call us for more details.… Read the rest


Lake Comedero Is Reopening!

RSJA To Reopen at Lake Comedero!

Posted with permission from Ron Speed Jr.

Lake Comedero bass fishing, now without commercial pressure

It’s here, folks — your dream has finally come true! Many of you have called our office during the past few years or since we temporarily closed at Comedero 6 years ago, asking when we plan to reopen our camp at Lake Comedero? Many of you have not asked but rather “begged” us to reopen! Well, it is about to happen soon and I am just as happy as anyone about it!

We have kept close watch on Comedero for the duration of the 6 years we’ve been closed. In September of 2013, I received word from our General Manager in Mexico, Carlos Lizarraga, that commercial fishing on Lake Comedero had been suspended due to possible contamination

Read the rest

Summer 2015 Newsletter – Brazil/ Peacock Bass Fishing Update


Posted with permission from Ron Speed Jr.


Randy VanDam with his 23 pound giant peacock

Here we are during the dog days of Summer and I’m starting to get pumped up about the start of our peacock bass fishing season! It is less than two months away and I can’t wait to get back to the Amazon and experience the thrill of battling these incredible fish! I think “beasts” is a better word to describe the amazing peacock bass. As I have stated many times in the past, words cannot describe the tremendous power these fish possess. Pound for pound, there is not a stronger fish that swims (fresh or saltwater)…and I would also guess there’s not a faster fish that swims. Just

Read the rest

We Have New Bass Boats on Lake Picachos


Ron Speeds Jr Adventures has new  bass boats  on the way to Picachos.  These bass boats have big casting decks, great electronics, and powerful trolling motors.   This is only one reason that Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures is the most trusted international fishing outfitter.  They are the only outfitter that I have associated myself with over the past years.  Fish at the  lodges that fisherman have come to call there favorite destination when traveling to Mexico  and Brazil.   Go Fish,Drew Daniel Adventures… Read the rest


Lake Picachos, Mexico – Update September 2014

The weather is warm this morning, and rain is forecasted for the region most of the day.  Picachos Lake is full with the late summer rains, and this means additional cover for the fish.  Fishing has been great, and fisherman are really excited about the fall season getting ready to start.  A new lake full of summer rains, best lodge on the water, most experienced guides on the water, and a menu of delicious foods, and the most respected outfitter in the international fishing business is what makes your trip great.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel Adventures… Read the rest


Lake Picachos is the hottest lake in Mexico!

The hottest lake is ready for the fishing season to start at Ron Speeds Jr’s operation on the hottest bass lake in the world.  New bass boats are shipping for the best fishing lodge on the lake.  At Ron Speeds Jr’s only the best is expected for the fisherman, the professional service starts with the office staff , travel service, your ground transportation from the airport to the lodges, and the best fishing guides on all the lakes.   The  professional staff is ready for the biggest season in years because fishing looks to be great.   Go Fish, Drew Daniel Adventures.… Read the rest

Best and only lodge operating on Picachos

Ron Speed Jr has the only operating lodge on the hottest bass lake in the world.  Look at the web sites, Ron Speeds  Jr Adventures, or Drew Daniel Adventures. Go Fish, Drew Daniel  Adventures… Read the rest

Lake Picachos bass numbers are out of the ball park

Fisherman are catching super numbers of  3 to 5 lb. bass, 160 plus  a day.  This BASS  FACTORY is the destination of fisherman from all over the world.  Fishing (catching) is out of the park, numbers are getting better with every group.  The groups are saying that the lodge, food, and the catching is great.  Big Bass are scattered  and most clients are wanting  to catch numbers with 6,7,8 lb. fish mixed in.  Book early because the word is out.  Some fisherman think the lake has too much water in it to catch fish, ask the groups that have been fishing this lake with high water.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest

Picachos Lake Mexico

This new lake has NO fishing pressure,if you want a fishing experience of a life time I would be thinking about booking a trip for this season.  We fished a Mexico lake in the 70’s that we thought would never stop giving up big numbers, we were wrong.  This new lake is so well managed that we hope the practice of catch and release will keep this lake at the top of the best lakes in the world.  Come and enjoy the hottest , newest and best managed lake in Mexico.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel Adventures… Read the rest

Mexico bass fishing ——— GET READY

The season is coming fast for the hottest bass fishing in my life time.  We are having great rains and the lakes are filling fast.  The hottest and newest lake is a BASS FACTORY, just ask our guest that have fished with us.  August is always slow in Mexico, most fisherman don’t like the heat or the rain storms.  This year fisherman are enjoying great trips and fishing of a lifetime.  If you are looking for a lifetime trip, don’t wait.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel Adventures… Read the rest

Lake Picachos Mexico

This new lake is so hot on the list of fisherman that reservations are coming in daily.  The best and the biggest lodge is open, the local guides have learned fast, great food ,best service and fishing is the hottest in the world.  We have clients booking multi trips with one  phone call. This action won’t last forever, so call soon.   Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest

Lake Picachos is safe

The drive time to the lodge is about 45 minutes from the airport.  The cruise ships  have returned and the tourist are making this part of  Mexico a safe and great place to go.  We have a great partnership with the local people, they love having us as outfitters on their lake, we know that we are there as guest, and respect the villagers as being there guest.   Ron Speed Adventures has built this relationship for over thirty years.  It is safe, clean and the fishing is great.  Drew Daniel Adventures… Read the rest

Lake El Salto

Don’t forget about our lodge on El Salto, fishing should be great this coming season.  We are offering combo trips to El Salto and Lake Picachos you couldn’t ask for a better way to spend time on the water.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel Adventures… Read the rest


We at Drew Daniel Adventures are offering  to any client that books with Drew Daniel Adventures  automatic entry into the big bass contest.   Mexico or Brazil trips are  included.  We are wanting you to experience  the best of the best in international fishing.  We work with the most recognized outfitter in the business, Ron Speed Jr Adventures, and only with Ron Jr.   Come join us,on a trip of a lifetime.   Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest


Kevin Martin is the best in the travel service business , because he has been with  us all over the world.   He has the ability to get you the best price when you travel.  His company is the only service we recommend to our clients.  He is the travel service that gives you his cell phone number.                                    Kevin Martin.      1-800-627-8468.         Cell phone.     1-954-558-8154.     [email protected]Read the rest

Lake Picachos weather Aug 8 2014

MORE  CLOUDS THAN SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!   The top water bite all day long on the hottest lake  that is so easy to get to.  The weather will produce showers late afternoon, and a light chop on the water.  Can you believe that you can fish top water all day. A lot of new cover in the lake because of the local rainy weather.  We have clients fishing in August, because they know how great it is.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest

DAIICHI Bass Hooks

RON SPEEDS ADVENTURES will be offering DAIICHI BASS HOOKS for their customers to use.  Drew Daniel Adventures  has made available the finest bass hook to our great customers at Lake Picachos.  These hooks will be available middle of September.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest


When you book a trip with the best outfitter, you are  expecting the best of everything.  Drew Daniel Adventures works only with Ron Speed Adventures in Mexico and Brazil, because they are the best and most trusted in the business.  We will be offering to our customers the use of  the finest bass hook in the country.  We will have DAIICHI  BASS Hooks in four different sizes for the fisherman.  I have been working on a great bait casting reel, and I hope to have them at the lakes soon. We have been testing these reels in Florida, Germany and Japan, the quality is Great!!!!!!!!!!.  These reels are all metal insides no plastic parts.  Some fisherman think they don’t have the right reels, we are trying to make the trip … Read the rest

August 15-19 Lake Picachos Mx

I will be on this bass factory lake putting to test my new series of rods and reels that we have been working on for months.  What a time to fish, big fish and a lot.  I have openings for fisherman, just bring your rain jacket for the late showers.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel   (479) 936-1234… Read the rest

New Fishing Rods coming soon !!!!!!!!

We at Drew Daniel Adventures are in final production of our new bass rod series. We are featuring the finest rod for the money with a five year no question asked warranty , this warranty is free replacement. These rods are for the serious fisherman made from the finest material available and featuring lay down Fugie eyed.  We are not new to the rod business, we retired from the business about four years ago, and demand from fisherman got us excited again. When you call and talk to Bill at the office, ask him about our rods.  Go  Fish, Drew Daniel Adventures.… Read the rest

Mexico lakes getting ready for fall fisherman

The weather is hot and rain every afternoon , but the fishing is great!!!!   At RSJA there is always something going on in Mexico.  We are getting ready for the big rush on the FISH FACTORY, reservations are coming in daily and with dates filling fast.  What a season ahead  for the hottest bass lake in the world.  Call the office and tell them that Drew Daniel sent you, and you are in the running for the $ 5,000.00 BIG BASS CONTEST, Mexico or Brazil.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest


Fisherman are fishing Mexico in August

IS  IT TOO HOT TO FISH IN MEXICO ?    The weather is in the low 90’s , and there is a light  breeze, and don’t forget the chance for rain.   It seems to me the hottest  part of the day is right before lunch, and it seems to be more comfortable in the start of the early afternoon. Fisherman have avoided Mexico in August, but not coming to the  New lake.   Ron Speed Jr  Adventures  takes care of his clients, you fish early and you can fish late right up to supper.  I have caught my biggest fish in Mexico when it was 100 plus degrees, don’t know why I had a morning  with 7 fish from 10 to 12 pounds, and a total for the morning of 77 bass. … Read the rest


LAKE Picacho Mexico REPORT

Weather on the lake this weekend is temperatures in the low 90’s, and rain this afternoon .  Afternoon winds Round 10 mph.  The fishing is great, and the light wind sure helps the fishing for big fish that much better.  Lake level is perfect with a lot of new cover in the water.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel.  [email protected]Read the rest



IF YOU WANT TO FISH THE HOTTEST BASS LAKE WITH THE OUTFITTER THAT HAS THE ONLY LODGE ON THE LAKE THAT IS RSJ ADVENTURES? The response to this lake is crazy, it remindes of the 70’s when the first hot bass lake opened.  Bookings are coming in daily for what we call scouting groups.  These are a few fisherman wanting to experience the lake and book large corporate groups for there companies.  The world is out about the beautiful lodge, great food, and the highest level of service ever offered in Mexico.   Let’s not forget the great fishing for numbers and double diget fish.  Heard talk of big fish (14lbs) caught by a Mexican fisherman, never saw the fish or pictures, but had locals that said they saw the fish.   … Read the rest

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The best international outfitter

We only work with Ron Speed Jr and no one else in the world.  We have known the family for many years and the whole staff that makes it the best.  I get calls and emails from other outfitters wanting us to book trips and the answer is always  no.  I have partnered with the best.  I am not a great fisherman, just a man married to a great lady that loves to do what I do.  Does my wife Wendy feel safe in Mexico, I feel in the near future we will spend most of our time in the beautiful country.  Let’s talk about the best lakes in Mexico and probably the world.  Lake Picachosis the hottest lake in the world, fisherman from Japan to Canada and all over … Read the rest



Come and be with Cliff  Pace, have a chance  to fish with him on the hottest lake in the world.  He is a great guy and fun to be with.  This is a four day trip, and the word is on the street,and fisherman are booking fast.  Go Fish Drew Daniel Adventures… Read the rest

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Drew Daniel Adventures needs 5 pro staff members

I have spent countless time this week with a  world famous rod builder, and we have finally gotten a line up of rods  for the serious fisherman that is below a $100.00 price tag.  I want to test these new rods in the hands of serious fisherman.  I finalized the design ,and we are about three weeks until production is in full swing.  Call or email me .  Drew Daniel… Read the rest

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Great things happening for Mexico Lakes

I am at I Cast Show in Orlando  Fl and we have great things happening for our guest in Mexico and Brazil.   I have been questioned about the new lake in Mexico so many times that I have lost count.  It is the BUZZZZZZZ with pro fisherman to folks in the tackle business.   Everyone is talking about the new HOT Lake, and the great service Ron Speed Jr is giving.  The fishing public is really excited about this hot spot.  Cliff Pace 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion said to me , I am ready to go in November and we are working on this great opportunity to be able to fish with one of the best.  I will have more news in a day or so to share with everyone.  Go … Read the rest

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Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing

We are ready for the up coming season in Brazil with three super trips to the San Isabella region of Brazil.  Chase BUBBLES and catch super sized bass on the nest.  The bass are paired up, and the action is out of the park. We are doing it on the lakes in Mexico and we have been doing it longer than any other international outfitter.

Drew Daniel Adventures  is exclusively with Ron Jr  Adventures.

Call us.  Drew&Wendy Daniel.    Drew Daniel Adventures.  479-936-1234… Read the rest

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Peacock Bass Fishing at its BEST!!!!!!!!!

Quick update on the San Isabella Brazil trip.   Three trips with only room for twelve clients(sold over half the spots  on all the trips). Go fish a region that is untouched by American fisherman for more than 7 years for huge Peacock Bass.  The fish will be on the nest and we will fish the bubbles, and that is fun.   Made my trip the first time in the 70’s to Columbia, and did we get beaten up by the Bass. Broken rods, lures lost hooks and reels blew up, and we had the  best of the best equipment.  This is a trip that probably won’t happen again for several years.   Martin Travel will make the trip easy for everyone, and we are going with the most experienced outfitter in the … Read the rest


Lake Picacho Is Amazing

The lake is full of new water and the the service temp has gone down.  The new water  covering the green grass on the banks is helping to produce  algae , and the bait fish are there and with the lower surface temps the fish are up shallow feeding.  Our customers are  super excited  about the fishing.   I have a group going down on  the 15 th of August for a four day trip, and we have a couple of open spots. Spinner bait, lizards , top water, crank baits, and the super fluke .   I am going to fish that fluke with no weight.  My wife will be with me on this trip and she always catches big fish on the fluke.   Come and enjoy the fun that we … Read the rest

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Bass Fishing Mexico in the summer

Our lodge at El Salto Lake is closed for the summer, it is too hot for most fisherman.  We are open all summer at the hottest lake in the world, Lake Picachos and clients are catching numbers and the size is getting bigger quickly.   We our booking combo trips for  the best bass lakes  to fish.   Great new things are happening for the Salto lodge while it is closed.   Picacho is fish catching crazy, with cloudy weather and rain in the afternoon.… Read the rest

Bass Bonanza Opens In Mexico at Lake Picachos!


Provided by Buddy Gough


Every few years seem to bring rumors of a hot new bass lake with awesome action. More often than not the rumors soon prove to be true going back to Lake Guerrero in the early 1970s to the emergence of lakes El Salto and Comedero in more recent years. Such is the case once again with the recent opening of Lake Picachos near Mazatlan on Mexico’s west coast. News of the lake’s tremendous bass action over the past few weeks is now spreading like a wildfire among legendary pro bassers like Jimmy Houston and connected anglers eager to be first in line to fish the lake. For much of the past six years, however, Picachos has been a “mystery” lake for … Read the rest


August trip to Lake Picachos Mexico

FIRST OF AUGUST TRIP, we are putting a group together for the first of August 4day trip.   I feel the fishing will be great with the overcast skies and light breeze and a little afternoon rain showers.  I know where I am headed with a crank bait, it was great the last trip, now it has gotten super.  Call the office of Ron Jr, or email me.    Go Fish, [email protected]

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Lake Picachos is SUPER HOT!!!!!!!

How do I say enough about this lake.  The lake is CRAZY with fishing action even in July.   End of June the action slowed for about two weeks, but the lake has filled with mountain rains,and the fishing is going crazy.  We are  open all year because the action is so strong.  I am putting a group together in August, prefer to fish before the full moon.  The size of fish and the numbers are getting greater .  Up until now I have been telling customers that this is a numbers lake, but the bigger fish are coming on fast.   I believe the big fish are here, because we are catching them right now.   Bass between 7 to 9 plus pounds are getting really common.  I was reminded this week … Read the rest

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Fish two lakes in one trip in Mexico

What a great week on the hottest lake in the world, fishing is great with numbers a few bigger fish daily.   TOP WATER bite is great with cloudy skies and a light breeze.  El Salto is closed for the summer season, too many nets and too hot for fisherman.  Fall season we will be offering combo trips.  A lot of great changes at El Salto, we are excited to share with our customers in fall season. Had a call from a Texas customer who fished the lake a month ago, guess what they are wanting to come back now. They have been fishing lakes in Texas pretty steady since they returned home, and they got spoiled in Mexico.   This group can fish anywhere in the world when they want to, … Read the rest


Great changes at Lake Picachos and El Salto lodges

Lake Picachos Bungalows

Lake Picachos Bungalows

Lake Picachos newest lodge has made many great changes for the guests. We listened to our customers and it is exciting what Ron Jr has done. Great new menu changes and the very best of quality and service.  Just finished a new grill for rib eye steaks, black angus hamburger steaks and jumbo beef franks, and anything else you want on the grill.  Super sweet lobster and fresh shrimp that is delicious .  In the houses we have added  flat screen televisions with many channels,  electric ice boxes stocked with your drink order as needed daily.   Laundry service as needed, just put your dirty clothes in the laundry bag and they will be back at your house  the same day.  New seats in the bass boats for … Read the rest


Fishing report Lake Picachos Mexico July 9th, 2014

The end of June fishing got tough on the newest lake.   We had a lake rise in one day of twelve plus feet, and it started out great for fishing then the water got muddy.   The  lake is in great shape and fishing is crazy.   Big numbers and we are seeing  fish being caught in the 8 to 12 pound range .  Spoke to a gentleman in Colorado that was wanting info on the lake, and he asked if I guaranteed a ten plus  pound fish.   I told him great numbers and the chance is there, but it is fishing.    Whites spinner baits, DD 22 crank baits, lizards  top water.     Cloudy weather has the top water bite going most of the day, and action and numbers are great.   The Big … Read the rest

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Bass fishing in Mexico Drew Daniel Adventures

The rain is with us every afternoon on Lake Picacho and that can be great and dangerous.    Most fisherman have good sense but they sometimes don’t use . We are getting afternoon rain starting around 3:00 and with the rain we have had a lot of lighting with these storms. We want your safety and the safety of the guide the most important focus when these storms  come through. We are asking the guides to come back to camp and wait the storm out IF THERE IS  LIGHTING IN THESE STORMS.  Once the storms are through we are back out fishing till dinner.    Most fisherman are coming in for lunch and going right back out , no down time. We  are there to make sure everyone  has a trip of … Read the rest

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Bass fishing Mexico

Hottest new lake in the world is ready.  We have have the only lodge on the lake,with the only full service operation in place for a great trip with a lot of great numbers and a chance for a double digit fish.  We have the experience and  the operation to make this a trip of a life time, just ask my wife.  Go fish Drew Daniel… Read the rest

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Lake Picachos Mx lake rising

We hope everyone had a safe and great 4th.the lake has colored up a bunch and has slowed fishing for a week or so.   The mountains are green and it looked like fire works from all the storms in the mountains.  We are honest and tell our customers how the fishing really is.   Just a quick note to let everyone know that retired world famous outdoor writer Buddy Gough has joined our company.  We have been over whelmed by outdoor writers wanting info on this new lake, he is the best, and has fished Mexico for 40 plus years.   Hope to see my many customers at the I Cast show in Orlando Fl.   Big bass contest is under way, $5,000.00 for the biggest bass caught with a trip booked with … Read the rest


Lake Piacachos Mx

We have a lot of new water in this super lake, great rains in the mountains and rain on Monday night, it was so nice.  New water new areas and the lake is up twelve plus feet, and the fishing is super. Bait fish are up in the new green grass areas, and bass are just waiting to feed.  Super numbers and a lot of six and seven pound fish all during the day.    Go Fish, Drew Daniel   479-936-1234… Read the rest

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$5000.00 Big BASS CONTEST OPENS Today

July 1st is the official start date of the $ 5,000.00 big bass contest for DrewDaniel Adventures.   This is good for any trip with Ron Speed Jr, but you have to tell them you are with Drew Daniel Adventures.   This is five thousand dollars for either Mexico or Brazil.   The new lake has twelve plus feet of new water in it in the last three days.  We have a large film crew on the lake and fishing is crazy.  Fisherman that have been with us once is already booking another trip before they are  back in the states. Ron Jr has the only lodge on the lake, the only lodge period. Call and tell them you are booking through Drew Daniel Adventures to be entered in the Big Bass Contest.  … Read the rest

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Lake Picachos Mx

Only a few more days until the official start of the BIG BASS CONTEST. July 1  is the official start date for the big bass contest.   Just a quick update, a big group leaving today and another big group on the ground at Mazatlan.   How good is fishing on the newest lake in the world ?   Fisherman that are leaving are booking there next dates as  I type.   That tells you something about the fishing, operation and service.    A lot of numbers and great quality fish being caught and released.   Let go to the new hottest lake there is.   Call me (479) 936-1234 or email me at drewpdaniel @yahoo.com.   Go  fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest


Lake Picachos Mx

Remember we are going to be open all summer on this hot new lake.   The rains are in the mountains and the lake is on the rise.    Great numbers and catching good size bass.  Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest


Lake picachos Mx latest report

The lake  has risen over a foot in the last day.  We had a large rain storm in the mountains and the water will be entering the lake for days to come.  New water a lot of added oxygen to the lake has the fish going crazy.   Fish are in about twenty to twenty five feet of water off of ledges and creek channels. The fisherman catching big fish are hitting these areas twice a day.  Sometimes the bass are there in the morning and it seems if the wind picks up in the afternoon, boom they are there. These big bass are staging in forty plus feet of water land moving up. Throw a big plastic worm,hit the trees in twenty feet of water and hang on.   DD 22 … Read the rest

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Lake Picachos Mx

Warm overcast day with a light breeze on the lake.  Spinner baits are the ticket today fished in about  20 feet of water.   Averaging way above 100 fish per day and it keeps getting better.  Lake level is good and there are no nets in the lake.  This is a crank batters paradise , with great results for big fish and great numbers.  Off a rock pile the other day  we made thirty casts and  caught twenty bass on a DD 22 crank bait.  Dates Are filling up fast, give us a call.    Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest


Lake Piachos Mx. GREAT NUMBERS of BASS

Just a quick update, big numbers of fish being caught by everyone.   We have  experienced , beginners, kids, husband and wives fishing with us and they are all catching great numbers.   A lot of  four to six pound fish being caught  by everyone.  You should hear the talk and bragging going on at the dinning table.   What a great way to spend a day, great fishing and great service. Let’s go to the lake.   Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest

Lake Picachos Mx only lodge on the new lake

It is exciting to be associated with a FIRST CLASS outfitter, I should say the best outfitter in Mexico and Brazil. Ron Jr is at the lake making sure that things are running smooth.  This is the newest lake in the world open to the public, as a new lodge you have to iron out the wrinkles.   This shows the dedication that has been pledged for the fisherman on this new lodge.   Introducing new meal item at the suggestion of our guest is taking place very soon, WE LISTEN AND TRY to make changes that our guest want.  Callus and let’s talk about what we can do to make your trip the trip of a life time. Go Fish, Drew Daniel (479) 936- 1234… Read the rest


Ladies love to fish in Mexico and Brazil

My wife loves to fish with me in Mexico, Brazil , or if it is Washington  State.  Wives, girlfriends, or daughters are so well taken care of when fishing with us they think they are being spoiled.   That is the level of service we give to everyone on all trips.  It is safe, fun , and is a trip to always remember.  This new lake is less than an hour from the airport, great rooms, bath tubes and you are with a outfitter that has done it for most of his life.   I was in town the other day and the local folks where asking me about the new lake.   For a great fishing trip all you have to do is call us.   Dates are getting full, and fisherman are  … Read the rest

$5000.00 for biggest bass in Mexico Drew Daniel Adventures

$5,000.00.  $5,000.00   FIVE  THOUSAND DOLLARS  for the biggest bass out of Mexico or Brazil.   I am excited to get fisherman to Mexico and Brazil for the best fishing and the best professional service in the outfitting  world.   All you have to do is book with Drew Daniel Adventures you you are in the race.   The contest is from July 1, 2014 to July 1 2015.  Call me, call Ron Speeds Jr and let us make you trip a trip of a life time.   Go Fish. Drew Daniel… Read the rest

Only lodge and outfitter on lake Picachos Mexico

I heard about this lake being built five years,I wasn’t sure it would ever happen and it did.   I have had the opportunity to just about fish anywhere I have wanted to and with any outfitter I have wanted, and that is why I have partnered with Ron Jrs.   The Speeds family and myself go back years to the first hot bass lake in Mexico.   I am not  a great fisherman, just steady,  but the outfitter staff of Ron Jr is the best and steady.   I am excited to get people on these lakes, rivers for a trip of a life time.We our offering when you book a trip through Drew Daniel Adventures a cash award for the biggest black or peacock bass of $5000.00 for each species. You have … Read the rest

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How to treat your guides

What a great day having a professional fishing guide take your fish off, tie your lures, net the big fish, and open the cooler to offer you something cold to drink.  These men are working hard to make sure the trip you are on is a experience you will remember.  If you smoke be courteous  when smoking, try to keep the smoke away from your guide , a lot of our guides don’t smoke, but some do. I get asked every week what a tip should be for a guide, tough question to answer. I fish a lot with guides, and I feel you should tip what feels right.   On one trip the two fisherman were tipping twenty dollars  a day, you know something the guides kept working hard.  On … Read the rest

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What to take on your fishing trip

You need to use common sense, carry your reels with you and your medications.   Pack light in clothing,we have wonderful laundry service available when needed.  Hat,long sleeve shirt, shorts,pants , short sleeve shirts.   If you are like the well known Mexico bass fisherman LarryWalker, your daily uniform is shorts ,hat , sandals and sun glasses.   Larry is a tough fisherman that never sits down except to move to another spot.   Sun screen should always be available for you and your fishing partner,if you forget yours just let us know we will share.  Go Fish Drew Daniel… Read the rest

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Easy travel to our fishing destinations

I recommend that when you are traveling to one of our great destinations that you use a professional travel agent that has been to the location that you are traveling.   Years ago I thought I was extremely smart at travel plans, boy I learned really fast that I was’t.   I only use Martin Travel out of Florida, they have been to Brazil and Mexico fishing with us.   I needed a room at the El acid the other night, the hotel said they were full, Martin travel had a room for me plus two other fisherman within  minutes.   They are professional, friendly and negotiate the very rate on travel, luggage and rooms.    The reason we are so busy is a simple fact, we only use the best.   Go Fish, Drew Daniel… Read the rest


The newest bass lake in Mexico – Lake Picachos

Lake Picachos, Mexico.

Great weather and great numbers of fish.  Ten plus pound fish are hard to come by the last two days, but a great number of six to eight pound fish.  Fishing is super, and the phone is ringing all day.  Don’t miss a chance for this lifetime adventure.  Peoples are calling this the MYSTERY lake.   Go fish, Drew… Read the rest

Lake El Salto Mexico

Warm weather and a little wind today on the Big Bass lake of El Salto.   A lot of fisherman at the lodge  and catching great fish.   This is my favorite time of the year for double digit bass.  I have caught more big bass in June and early July on this Great Lake.  One recent trip my wife and I had seven fish in one day from 10 lbs. to 13 lbs. on crank baits, what a day.   It is getting towards the end of the season, but you may still have time the early summer, just call me.… Read the rest

Great weather at Lake Picachos Mexico

What a day it will be for top water action on the newest great bass lake in the world.  Early morning temperatures are at 73 degrees and it looks like a high today about 90 degrees, cloudy most of the day with a slight chance of rain this evening.  My favorite top water lure is the Pop R with red hooks added, great action and catching a lot of good fish.   Fishing the mud banks the fish are stacked deep. Just the other morning had over fifty bass on this lure in three hours.    Fisherman are really excited about the three trips that we are offering to San Isabella Brazil, a lot of calls and emails.  Some of the fisherman were there years ago and are ready for the BIG … Read the rest


Big bass at lake Picachos Mexico

This is a lake that is in it’s first three months of fishing and we have great numbers and big bass.  Bill Dance had to come and fish this new lake with us, did he fish it so we’ll like he can.  Bill had a 12 lb plus and a 10 lb plus on a spinner bait.  You what this means for the fishing world, the lake has been discovered, and that is good.   Our guides are new to the business but they are learning the lake and where the fish are stacked.  These guides live in the new village and are familiar with the area that the lake covers, because there old village is under  the new lake.   I get a lot of questions asked  if is safe where … Read the rest

Lake Picachos Mexico fishing report

This has become the lake of lakes to fish for numbers and a great chance to catch size weather is in the 90’s and the water level is falling slowly.   The rain is going to arrive within the next four weeks and  you know what that does to make the bass go on feeding frenzies .   The rainy season is a great time to fish, very little heavy rain and we don’t see a lot of steady strong winds.   The numbers are great with a lot of  5 and 6 lb. bass caught on top water and plastic.   One nice fish caught by Bill Dance over 9 lbs, big fish are scattered and the fishing staff is on the water trying to locate the groups of big fish.   Catching over … Read the rest

San Isabella Region Brazil peacock bass

Big Brazil Peacock Bass

What a chance to fish a region that has been untouched for about 7 years by fisherman.  We are having 3 trips only with limit of twelve  per trip.   Exciting area to fish for BIGGGGG fish, not numbers.  We will be fishing for paired fish in the spawn mode by chasing  bubbles.   We have worked hard to put this trip together .    Easy travel from Miami fl to the shores of San Isabella.   Nov. 28th to Dec. 7th.    Dec. 5 to Dec. 14      Dec12 th to Dec 21 th.      As of  Wednesday  18 th June we  have sold half  the spots  in one week.    GO. Fishing,  Drew Daniel









 … Read the rest


Fishing report from Lake Picachos, Mexico

Surface temp. 90 degrees, day time highs lower 90’s. 4 days of fishing averaged 166 fish a day! Largest bass 9.1 , second largest 7.1.  50 plus bass over five pounds, with 100’s around the three pound range.   I am excited about how the lake is being managed by the Mexican  Game and Fish, no fish are allowed to be kept for any reason.   Boats and fisherman are checked leaving the lake for any fish.  I was one of the early fisherman to the hottest lake in the 70’s  with that being Lake Guerrero, and Lake Picachos  is way ahead of that lake.   We have the only lodge on the hottest lake in the world, don’t miss out on a fishing experience of a life time.   Go fishing, Drew… Read the rest