Big Bass Numbers on Lake Picachos


Provided by Jon Speed Jr.


Guide Niko holding Ron Jrs 10lb Picachos giant!!!

I have mentioned many times in previous updates over the past year that the best months to catch big bass to go along with all those numbers on Picachos, is March, April, May and June. It certainly appears as though this year will be no different. Just recently we had a group of anglers/customer experience some pretty good big bass numbers at Picachos while maintaining the normal 100 – 200 bass per day, per boat average.

March 22nd
, the following catches were reported…

  • Paul Molnar & Dennis Meschke: 186 bass total. Bigger bass included…9 lbs, 8.8 lbs, 8.6 lbs, 8 lbs, and 6 lbs. Also had 12 more bass in 5 lbs range. Best lures were watermelon and pearl flukes.
  • Ted Wayland fished alone this day and reported: 82 bass total. Bigger bass included…8 lbs, 7 lbs, 6 lbs, 5.2 lbs and 5 lbs. Best lures: watermelon/red lizards.

March 23rd, the following catches were reported…

  • Ted Wayland & Henry Sadler: 148 bass total. Bigger bass included…10 bass over 5 lbs. Biggest was 5 lbs, 14 oz Best lures: watermelon/red lizards.
  • Dennis Meschke & Paul Molnar: 152 bass total. Biggest 6,8 lbs and 6.2 lbs Best Lures: Black/Blue jigs
  • Jim Fullerton & Gary Jerman: 151 bass total. Biggest bass 7 lbs. Best Lures: watermelon Senkos
  • Tab McGinley & Gary Butler: 162 bass total. Biggest bass 6.8 lbs. Best Lures: watermelon Senkos

March 24th, the following catches were reported…

  • Ted Wayland & Henry Sadler: 172 bass total. Biggest bass 9 lbs, 7.8 lbs, 7.6 lbs, 6.2 lbs and 15 bass in the 5+ lbs range. Best Lures: Bubble Gum colored Trick Worms
  • Dennis Meschke & Paul Molnar: 180 bass total. Biggest bass 6 lbs. Best Lures: Watermelon Lizards
  • Jim Fullerton & Gary Jerman: 153 bass total. Biggest bass 5.6 lbs Best Lures: Watermelon Fluke

March 25th, the following catches were reported….

  • Ted Wayland & Henry Sadler (only fished 1/2 day): 78 bass total Biggest bass 6.8 lbs
  • Tab McGinley & Gary Butler: 155 bass total. Biggest bass 7.8 lbs

As you can see, the bigger fish over 5 lbs are moving in to catchable depths. Ted Wayland personally called me after the trip and said, “Ron, I have fished Picachos with you at least 3 times per year for the past two years…and not only was this the best bass fishing trip I’ve experienced to date at Picachos but the best ever in my life!” Ted also told me that he and his fishing partner (Henry Sadler) basically fished 4 total fishing holes the entire week…mainly because they rarely had to move the boat. Did not want to leave biting fish! Ted also claims that one day he just sat down in the boat and quit fishing an hour early….because he was ‘caught out”….arms worn out! That’s all that needs to be said, Mr. Ted.


Scott Moody Feb ’15 Picachos lake record 12 lbs 14oz

The commercial nets were removed at the end of March and therefore we will be able to fish the lake in the coming 6 months without nets! It’s about to get REAL, folks! I’m ready to get down there. Hope to see you!Folks, I have not claimed Picachos to be a trophy bass lake…not yet anyway. I have reported when our customers catch bigger fish. The lake record is 12 lbs, 14 ounces and we’ve had 3 bass landed over 12 lbs in these first two years since the lake opened. So in other words, there are big bass in this lake. However, like with most new bass lakes in Mexico, there are so many smaller and faster swimmers/bass that makes it more difficult to catch a lot of big bass with consistency…at least right now. That said, I’ve reported that I’ve seen an overall increase in the average size of the smaller bass this season…and that’s definitely evident this year. Ted Wayland also told me that this made his 8th trip to Picachos in two years and that out of all the bass he and Henry Sadler caught in the 4 days they recently fished Picachos, that “very few were under 4 lbs”…WOW! Now that hasn’t been the case most of this year but I would tell you that most have been 2 3/4 lbs or larger…but again, we’re entering that 4 month time of year that I’ve always said were the best 4 months of the year to catch numbers AND BIG BASS! The big gizzard shad are starting to move in to spawn now and it should be a true BIG BASS BONANZA this month of April!!! May/June are summer patterns and those big bass will be settling in on those humps, ledges and ridges in 15′ – 25′ of water…ISOLATED! Remember two years ago in June when Jimmy Houston landed