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Fox News is promoting Mexico as a vacation destination

It is early on Sunday morning, and Fox News just had a story recommending Mexico as a great vacation spot.  We feel very safe living and fishing in Mexico.

We know the very best international outfitter, Ron Speeds Jr Adventures.  We have fished with Rons family for years, and they a are the only outfitter we will travel with.

Ron Jr is hands on and visiting his lodges throughout the season. It is service that is the best in the fishing world.   Best food,guides,and transportation that we have ever experienced.

Fishing is great on all three lakes in Mexico.   Lake Picachos is a numbers lake, with some big bass being caught. Big fish and numbers are coming from Lake Comldero and Lake Elsalto.

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Personal escort for groups to Mexico & Brazil

You can tell the weather is cold and a mess with the phone calls this afternoon.

Just had a call and the fisherman is putting a group of men together to come fish Mexico for the first time.  He wanted to know if there was someone that would help them get to them lodge.

Ron Speeds Adventures has tour guides waiting for you at the airport passenger entrance, the drivers are associated with RSJA, and speak great English.  They load your gear, get you in van with a cold drink and you go to the chosen lake.

Brazil peacock bass fishing is a trip of a lifetime. If you are wanting a person that has traveled to Brazil a lot with RSJA  to go with you as tour guide, call … Read the rest

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Mexico weather is WARM!!!

The wether is great and lake levels are producing record number of bass on all three lakes.  Big moon,warm sunny days with a light breeze in the afternoon, the fish are crazy.  Our fisherman are having such GREAT trips that are booking more trips the day they get home.

I hope you will catch the excitement.

Ron Speeds Jr Adventures.   (903) 489-1656

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Fisherman returning to Mexico

I got a call from a new Ron Speeds Jr Adventures customer yesterday, and was he excited about a recent trip with RSJA.   This customer had a group of fisherman with him that had fished Mexico for years, and made multiple trips each year to Mexico. They had quit coming to Mexico because they were concerned about safety issues.  This is a group of seasoned travelers,and were they IMPRESSED with what was offered to them in Mexico.  They were greeted at the airport with a English speaking van driver that is associated with RSJA.  A safe trip to the lake, luggage was unloaded by the fishing lodges people that work for RSJA, and lunch was served within 30 minutes.

All they could say was that they were treated with a … Read the rest

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Family fishing Lake Picachos Mexico

Ron Speed Jr Adventures has the biggest, nicest lodge on the lake.  The guides are the most experienced, best boats, and super food. This is why your high profile Mexican bass fisherman stay and fish out of this lodge.

This is a lake of big numbers and the possibility of a double digit fish.  My wife had 50 plus bass in less than four hours last week.

Is it safe for your wife,girl friend, daughter ?   We live in the village that is above the lodge, and we are very safe.  My wife walks or rides the four wheeler every where.  There is only 80 people in this new village of five years old.  The old village is in the middle of the lake.

This lake will not always be … Read the rest

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Mexico bass fishing

We are seeing great fishing at all three lakes with Ron Speed Jr adventures.  The fishing is over the top right now and the weather looks great for catching Mexico bass.

It is safe and the customers are bragging on their trips.  We talk to customers daily, and when so many get back they booking to go back in a month or even shorter time.


Drew Daniel



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Fish Mexico bass lakes with the best international outfitter

RON SPEED’S Adventures is the most professional and experienced outfitter in Mexico and Brazil.

Fish with the best, he is visiting his lodges in Mexico a whole lot to make sure that the guest is taken care of and all equipment is in top shape.

Fish with the best , we only fish with RSA and have for so many years.

Ron Speeds Adventures (903) 489-1656

[email protected]   (479) 936-1234

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Lake Picachos Mexico is too good to be true

My wife and I know Picachos Lake very well, we are Americans that live in the village . We know Ron Speeds Adventures and they are our only outfitter that we choose  to fish with around the world.

This lake is over the top for numbers of fish caught.  150 to 200 bass a day is the normal numbers. This lake has big fish but it is a numbers lake.  The guides are very good and work hard for you, the food is great, and it is a beautiful lodge

I get asked a lot, is it safe.  I have been fishing Mexico since the 70’s and I have been there years ago when it wasn’t safe, we love to live there because it is safe and our neighbors are … Read the rest

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Mexico Bass Fishing is ON Fire with Ron Speeds Adventures

My wife and I were in Mexico for over thirty days with Ron Speed Adventures.   Out of the ball park on all three lakes.  Big BASS and the numbers unheard of.   Let’s go fishing, call Ron Speeds Adventures.  903-489-1656.   Drew and Wendy Daniel… Read the rest


Big Bass Numbers on Lake Picachos


Provided by Jon Speed Jr.


Guide Niko holding Ron Jrs 10lb Picachos giant!!!

I have mentioned many times in previous updates over the past year that the best months to catch big bass to go along with all those numbers on Picachos, is March, April, May and June. It certainly appears as though this year will be no different. Just recently we had a group of anglers/customer experience some pretty good big bass numbers at Picachos while maintaining the normal 100 – 200 bass per day, per boat average.

March 22nd
, the following catches were reported…

  • Paul Molnar & Dennis Meschke: 186 bass total. Bigger bass included…9 lbs, 8.8 lbs, 8.6 lbs, 8 lbs, and 6 lbs. Also had 12 more bass in 5
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